About Levolution

Levolution was established in 2012 in Australia by two trade professionals with over 65 years of experience between them.

After years of working in the tile industry they recognised the need for a system to streamline the tile installation process to make it more efficient and accurate, especially in the laying of larger, more cumbersome tiles.

Existing levelling systems made a tiler’s job easier, however there was room for improvement, with most system’s relying on a “four per corner” arrangement and numerous sizes of spacers. The Levolution system simplifies this process through means of a “one clip per corner system” making it quicker and easier to lay tiles. The spacer is also incorporated into the clip and comes in three convenient sizes 1.5, 2 and 3mm.

Many tilers also don’t remove the crosses after setting their tiles and grout directly over the top of them. Removal of cross is an Australian building requirement and Levolution makes this process easy to achieve to help ensure your projects meet governing requirements. From this the Levolution levelling and alignment system was born – to provide a great tool for people of all skill levels and experience, perfectly suited for DIY renovators all the way through to trade professionals.