How to Use The Levolution System

Can be used for all tiles & natural stone with various thicknesses

Step 1

Depending on the size of the tile, use a 12mm or 15mm notch trowel to spread the adhesive.

Step 2

Lay tiles and insert appropriate Spacer using the Flat Spacer along the edge and the Cross Spacer (shown) in the intersection. Spacers are also available in Tees for brick bond projects.

Step 3

After Spacers/Anchors are installed, place Caps over the Spacer/Anchor firmly.

Step 4

Slide Evolver Tool onto spacer and pull trigger to tension up until tiles are 􀃶rmly clamped The tension knob at rear of gun adjusts tenion to avoid overtensioning Turn counter clockwise for more tension and clockwise for less

Step 5 A

REMOVING CAPS TO REUSE. To extend the life of the reusable caps, use the decapper to remove caps and the snap of anchors by hand. This method should be used for softer buiscutt tiles to avoid chipping. Follow diagrams A to E

Step 5 B

Step 5 C

Step 5 D

Step 5 E

Step 5 F

REMOVONG CAPS QUICKLY. Caps cap caps be removed faster by kicking them of or with a rubber mallet in striking them in the parallel to spacer as shown in diagram, this reduces the life of the cap and is only recomended on hard porcelain tiles