Levolution Standard Spacer

The top view of the spacer shows the holes in the base of the spacer that allows adhesives to flow through to prevent voids in the corners and give maximum coverage and grip. The spacer has also been designed to snap off cleanly at the bases so the spacer can be fully removed after adhesive has set.

Spacer Types

Cross – The Cross spacers are used where the four corners of the tiles meet.

Flat – The Flat spacer is primarily used between two tiles where there is no intersection.

Tee – The Cross spacers are used where the tiles are laid in a brick style pattern.

Spacer Sizing

Green – 1/16 in (1.5mm)

Yellow1/8 in (3mm)

White – 3/32 in (2mm) – Australia Only

White – 3/16 in (5mm)

To be used in conjunction with levolution tile levelling and spacing system.


50 Pack | 250 Pack | 1000 Pack

Levolution Specification Sheet 

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