Levolution Universal Spacer

The recently released Universal Spacer has been designed to be an all in one Spacer.  The Universal Spacer comes as a Cross Spacer and has lugs at the base of the stem that snap off to create either a Tee Spacer or Flat Spacer.

Snap off one lug to create a Tee Spacer and snap off both lugs to create a Flat Spacer.

Universal Spacer Conversions

Cross – Universal Spacers are initially designed to be a Cross Spacer and does not require any conversion. The Cross spacers are used where the four corners of the tiles meet.

Flat – Snap off one lug on the base of the Universal Spacer to stem convert the Cross Spacer to a Flat Spacer. The Flat spacer is primarily used between two tiles where there is no intersection.

Tee – Snap off both lugs on the base of the Universal Spacer stem to convert the Cross Spacer to a Tee Spacer. The Tee spacers are used where the tiles are laid in a brick style pattern.

Spacer Sizing

Green – 1/16 in (1.5mm)

Yellow1/8 in (3mm)

White – 3/32 in (2mm) – Australia Only

White – 3/16 in (5mm)

To be used in conjunction with levolution tile levelling and spacing system.


50 Pack | 250 Pack | 1000 Pack

Levolution Specification Sheet 

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